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Tools to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy – Part 2 – Canva

To the average person, organization, or small business, creating content (blogs, images, videos, etc.) that are visually appealing can be difficult. In addition, you have to come up with original ideas that reflect the work and brand of your organization, but also need to present it in a way that is professional and creative. Clean…

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Tools to Create An Effective Social Media Strategy – Part 1 – Buffer

If you are leading (or part of) an organization, be it a business, nonprofit organization, at an institution, or a club, I’m guessing social media is a core responsibility and in the front of your mind daily. Am I right? However, I’m sure if you are like me you have questions like these: Are we…

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4 Easy Steps to Tweet at the Right Time

This summer I utilized several social media analytic platforms to review past content and audience engagement as well as find triggers that could increase the performance of our content in the future. One of the web-based analytic programs I came across Followerwonk, helps you explore and grow your social graph for Twitter. A lot of…

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Social Media Should be Time Consuming

Creating Social Media Content Should be Time Consuming. Thankfully, there’s BufferApp. Lately, I have been hearing a lot of colleagues and students say how managing a social media account can seem overwhelming at times. Especially, when you are overseeing an account that you want to have high-quality, creative content all while balancing other job responsibilities….

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