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Consumers are experiencing your brand, and instead of just telling a neighbor or colleague about the experience, they are talking about it on Twitter with thousands of followers. If your target demographic is 16-24 you have no choice in the matter…71% of of 16-24 year olds go online when they have a problem with a product . Gone are the days of deciding whether or not to have a Twitter account, it’s time to put your Twitter account to work and engage with your customers. In this post, I am explaining how Jimmy John’s is modeling the way in the ‘Social Care’ and ‘Digital Voice’ categories, and how you can start implementing their strategies with your customers.

The screen capture below represents a model Twitter account with a strong digital voice providing unparalleled social care:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 10.19.25 AM

Jimmy John’s has decided to go “all-in” with social media. Specifically Twitter. One tweet at a time, they have created one of the most engaging digital voice’s I’ve come across.

If you have ever ordered a sandwich from Jimmy John’s you have grown accustom to their “Freaky Fast” service. Well, their motto to make and deliver your sandwich #FreakyFast in a record breaking time, also matches their social media strategy.

Here’s what they are doing well:

Digital Voice

1. Tracking the conversation – Creating a business around the motto #FreakyFast in their service, delivery and through speedy social media engagement, they have opened up the doors for their customers and fans to engage with them – on a minute to minute basis.

2. They are your best friend – If you want to do social media right you must connect with your audience. Social media relies on a digital voice that is engaging, provides humor, has human characteristics and is relevant.

Perfect example:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 10.18.05 AM

 3. It’s not all about them – When you look at their Twitter feed, close to 90% of their tweets are @replies. Why? Because to do social right and connect you have to understand “it’s not all about the PUSH!” Twitter is the best platform where you can listen to your customers on daily basis using free resources such as TweetDeck or paid programs like Radian6.

Now, let’s look into how they’re providing unparalleled customer service.

Social Care

1. #FreakyFast tweets – Some brands on social already have a pretty strong digital voice and built a large fan base. However, they are missing the second part: providing timely replies to solve any problem or negative comment. Social media isn’t seasonal or 9-5. They have built a team to engage 24/7 and to be there for their customers.

2. Customer service – We have all experienced bad service or poor food, turning to Twitter or Facebook to complain first – a lot of times before we even leave the restaurant. Jimmy John’s has a team tracking the conversation to monitor negative comments, complaints and they are actually doing something about it. They are sharing advice to “call the store” with the store’s phone number, offering coupons, or just a shoulder to lean on. To be honest, sometimes a complainant through Twitter is magnified and when we know someone is there to listen and apologize, the pain goes away. In return, Jimmy John’s holds onto happy fan that will most likely share their positive customer service experience.

3. Updates – On daily basis, you will see their fans profess their love for their sandwiches and will ask “when is a store opening by me?” Jimmy John’s community managers reply saying “we’re on it”, “great idea for our next store” or “our grand opening is next week.”

Everything Jimmy John’s is executing through social media is one to one marketing – providing information, engaging and at times consoling their customers. This is branding and customer service at it’s finest. In addition, they are telling the story of Jimmy John’s, spreading their motto and connecting with an audience even when they are not eating one of their subs.

What do you call it – sub, hoagie, grinder or hero?

Kevin O’Connell – @koco83

Content Marketing Specialist – Portfolio

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