4 Easy Steps to Tweet at the Right Time

This summer I utilized several social media analytic platforms to review past content and audience engagement as well as find triggers that could increase the performance of our content in the future. One of the web-based analytic programs I came across Followerwonk, helps you explore and grow your social graph for Twitter. A lot of it’s features are free and the tip I am about to share does not require any upgrade or payment.

The meat of this app is the ability to dive really deep into your Twitter analytics: follower counts, ages of account users and social authority. This week’s tip using Followerwonk, is the feature to breakdown the hourly Twitter activity of your followers which will optimize the best times to tweet.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Followerwonk and simply connect your twitter account.

2. Once connected, click the middle tab “analyze followers.”

3. Type in your twitter handle and set to “analyze their followers”.

4. Press “do it” and then you will be amazed at the analytics that come your way.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 6.15.17 PM

The first chart beneath the map shares the most active hours for Twitter users helping you determine the best times to schedule your tweets. In addition, if you are using Buffer as a content scheduler, with a click of a button, it automatically syncs your Buffer scheduler to utilize the best times to tweet. Ultimately, just this one graph will give you the greatest chance to reach your target audience and the other features will help you analyze the rest of your twitter account.

How I would explain this to a 5 year old: Your parents make you go to bed at 7pm but all your friends go to bed at 8pm. Before you send your last tweet of the night, you want to find out if your friends will see your tweet between 7pm-8pm or in the morning when they wake up. Followerwonk track’s your friends most active users and tells you the best time to send your tweet.

Kevin O’Connell – @koco83

Content Marketing Specialist – Portfolio

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