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We are just two weeks into the college football season and we all have our favorite teams we’re rooting for. This year, more than ever, you can really follow for your team and get a behind the scenes look before it’s even game-day, especially with the popularity of Instagram and Vine.

So, the first “It’s worth a like” post is coming out of University of Oregon.  I’m really excited for this to be the first because you may have read how a year ago they launched a social media command center that keeps a pulse on everything related to the Oregon Ducks athletics. Specifically, football during game-day to engage with their fans. Well, this isn’t the only thing they are doing well.

They are actually executing one of their Oregon football instagram accounts to a T.

What are they doing so well?

  1.  They are posting no more than 3 times a week which may not sound like a lot but their content is so good that when it pops up on your feed you’re excited to see it.
  2. We all know they have a great connection with Nike and their apparel is cutting-edge they do a great job of letting their audience get a super close look.
  3. Next, they are posting intense instagram videos of players getting pumped up before a game and practicing on the field. Now you might say that this is easy, but they are doing the number one thing: K.I.S.S. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, right? They don’t try and clip together 6+ random clips in 15 seconds, they hold on 1-3 short clip and it is just EPIC.
  4. Lastly, the number one thing they are doing is  putting the camera (a.k.a. you) where the average University of Oregon Duck fan will never be.

My two college football teams are Rutgers and Notre Dame. What team are you a fan of?

Instagram: OregonGirdIron

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